Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Heading Eastward.

This morning we are sitting in a rather lovely State Park in Idaho, much to our surprise. We didn't have any reservations for last night (or tonight for that matter), but decided since the summer has officially ended, we would do good to drive until tired and find a place, and we did do good! This park is actually part of the Army Corp of Engineers and is located outside Priest River, Idaho. Very, very nice. So, we may stay tonight and then reach Glacier tomorrow.

The RV park in Bothell (just 15 miles from downtown Seattle), was another wonderful surprise. Great park with all sites on Lake Pleasant, complete with ducks and geese, which Peanut thoroughly enjoyed chasing back into the water every time they ventured up near our RV. We were there Saturday and Sunday nights and to our delight, Sunday mornings they do up a Pancake Breakfast for all guests of the RV park. We met some wonderful folks, mostly long-time RVer's who were more than happy to share some of their wisdom and valuable tips for the next portion of our trip. We were grateful to be able to return the favor to one couple in particular who were heading to Florida...and the Keys! They asked if there were any nice places down there for RVs and we were able to give them a list of places we were sure they would enjoy! Oh, and did I mention the pancakes (and eggs and sausage) were great? They were!

After that, we headed downtown Seattle. I loved it there. The Pike's Market is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. Not only were there fish, crab, oysters and clams, but the flowers, fruits and veggies were out of this world as well! Being the holiday weekend, vendors of all sorts were out selling their goods. We really enjoyed just walking around town and taking in all the sites. The weather could not have been any better...sunny and cool. Seattle is another place on my list that I want to visit again for a longer period of time.

I have mixed emotions about heading back East. I so miss family and friends and can not wait to be reunited with everyone, but time has gone by so fast. This trip has been so amazing and special that I don't want it to end. Making "this turn" seems to signal the beginning of the end and I'm not sure I'm ready for that. I know we have some incredible places yet to see, two of our favorites to be sure: Glacier National Park and Maine in the fall, and who knows what else in between. We are VERY excited to be seeing two of our close friends from the Keys, Roland and Sloan Muench, next week in Cody, Wyoming, as well as two other dear friends, Tim and Diane Neal, in Maine next month! I think that will satisfy my homesickness for a bit seeing them all!

Instead of dwelling on the negative (our trip being more than halfway over), I'm going to focus on the positive things left to experience in this next half of our journey. I'm going to slow it down, so to speak, and enjoy every single moment, creature, sunset, sun rise, tree, flower and walks/talks with James. God has richly blessed us in this crazy adventure of ours, and I don't want to waste one moment of it!

My next post will be from Glacier National Park!! We are both so excited to finally get there and I'm sure it will be far greater than our imaginations could ever dream possible!

Love and blessings to you all! God Bless!

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