Sunday, August 15, 2010


This will be a long one…so grab a seat, make yourself comfortable, and, hopefully, enjoy!

I have to tell you of our epic drive from Sequoia to Yosemite. My phone has GPS in it and so, as I do with every new destination, I plug in the address to the new park in Yosemite and get directions. However, the GPS is giving me directions straight through Yosemite National Park and I just don’t think this is right, so I devise an alternate route. Silly me. I decide we will take Hwy 41 to Hwy 49 to Hwy 120 into the park. Get your map out…seems pretty harmless. NOT. I have included some images from (in one of the Yosemite Albums on the Photo Journal) to give you an idea of what the roads were like…now imagine doing that in a 30’ rig towing a car! The one saving grace was the route was incredibly beautiful and since we had no choice but to drive 20 miles an hour, we had time to really take it all in. James is the Master of Driving RV’s…that is all I have to say. He was exhausted at the end of it and when we told people the route we took, their jaws nearly hit the ground. But, hey, WE MADE IT! And that is how we roll!

Yosemite National Park is a must see for every single person living in this country. It is, by far, my favorite park to date. It offers everything…incredible trees, magnificent trails, raging waterfalls, delightful wildflowers and so much more. I will say though, if you plan on visiting the park, plan at least 10 days…three just wasn’t enough. There are five entrances to the park; three on the west side, one south and the best of all…the one on the east, which, unfortunately, we only got to experience by driving through. What a shame! It is jaw-dropping gorgeous every single turn. I think I took 100 photos FROM THE CAR. I simply could not believe that it just got better and better, but it did.

Our first full day in Yosemite we did what all the other visitors do and that is drive to Yosemite Valley and pick one of the wonderful trails offered in the valley that go up to the mountains, into waterfalls or just meandering through the meadows. We choose the Mist Trail and so did about a million other people, but regardless of the crowds, it is breath taking. And very strenuous. The trail we did to the Top of the Vernal Falls was only 1.6 miles one way, but it ascended 1,000 feet in that distance, so it was a serious cardio and stair-master hike to be sure! I will let the pictures speak for the beauty experienced, but I will tell of the magnificence we felt being surrounded by El Capitan, Half Dome and waterfalls that just blew the mind. Let me state that I have written three poem in my entire life…one you have already read about trees and one I wrote a long time ago that needs to stay in the drawer, and the third being the one at the end of this Blog entitled “Yosemite Inspired” because it truly was. I’m not a poet. I’m not a writer. But, there comes a time when I’m so moved and inspired by what surrounds me that the words flow out of me as if someone is inside my mind reciting them. That is what happened in Yosemite. I can’t explain it any other way. It was a very spiritual experience…I loved every moment of it and was very sad to leave.

Our second day in Yosemite we decided since we had such a major workout the day before hiking Mist Falls, we would drive the Northern Yosemite Highway and take in the sites. If I thought the Valley was amazing (and I did), then the Northern Highway was beyond words. We did hike though…sigh…my legs were NOT happy, but we found this wonderful trail that lead to May Lake and was 1.2 miles one way and we were told that the Lake was truly something to behold, so off we went. It was a very easy hike compared to the day before and the payoff, the Lake, was worth every deep breath, throbbing leg muscle and cramping foot. Again, I will let the pictures tell the story.

So, today, we take off for Reno, Nevada. We get to drive through the Park once again to hit highway 395 that leads directly into Reno and what a wonderful surprise this drive was! Just when I think things can’t get any better, God smacks me upside the head with vistas I experienced today! This was the part where we drove through the park from the West to the East side and learned that the East side was something straight out of a fairy tale! And then, once we left the park and hit 395 heading north, we were faced once again with views of mountains with snow on them surrounded by green, lush meadows. At one point I looked at James and said, “I feel like I’m on top of the world!” And it did feel that way! Lee Vining and Ridgeport California are two of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

So, now, we are in Reno, Nevada…another amazing and beautiful place, staying with our good friend, Sunny. We will be here for 4 days getting the RV and car checked out and resting, relaxing and visiting with great friends! Peanut and Mousse, Sunny’s dog, are getting along…well, that is as long as Peanut isn’t on the couch and Mousse doesn’t come up to him…then Peanut barks and bites. Small Dog Complex! Photos coming soon!

There are three new pages on the Photo Journal; “Beginning of Yosemite,” "Part 2 Yosemite" and “Yosemite and Beyond.” I hope you enjoy them.

Now, if you will humor me…”Yosemite Inspired”:

Along the trail, we weave our tale
Of wonders seen and dreams redeemed.
Majesty felt, like spring’s first melt
All creation sings, “He is King of kings.”
Mountains stand bold, telling stories never told
And waterfalls flow to streams far below.
Can you hear it? The language of the trees
Whispering upon the sojourning breeze.
The flowers, they too, sing hymns old and new
While birds in their flight proclaim His awesome might.
Splendor and glory dance in this story
As told by one saved, undeserving, from the grave.

As always, we love and miss you all very much!!

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  1. Beautiful Sister...Your words are very descriptive that I feel like I am seeing what you've seen ! Awesome ! I love you so much !!! You are so beautiful !