Monday, August 2, 2010

Laguna Beach

The blessing of friendships, both old and new, continues to amaze me. We have spent the last two days with a group of incredible people that James has known since his years at Wheaton. To be honest, I was a bit nervous to finally meet the people I had only heard stories about through James, but that nervousness was instantly relieved once in the presence of these wonderful individuals who welcomed me as if part of the gang...part of the history that they all share. I see now why James has maintained each and every friendship over the past 20+ years.

Not only are the people amazing, but Laguna Beach itself is a beautiful spot. It dawned on me yesterday why I love it so reminds me of our hometowns, Delray Beach and Islamorada; laid back, wonderful restaurants, great shops, beautiful galleries and all right on the water. PLUS, Laguna Beach offers mountains (us Floridian's call them mountains anyway), which provide vistas from nearly every balcony in every home. Not to mention the weather which seems never to reach over 90 degrees or under that is my kind of environment.

Grace runs downhill here and overflows in every aspect of their lives. It is a special gift to be surrounded by such generosity of love and spirit. I will steal Cathy's quote and say, "We love recklessly," and she is right. It has been, and continues to be, a blessing to be here.

And what a small world it is we live in! In speaking with One of the Dave's, I learned that his mother, who lives in Detroit, is very good friends with one of James' cousins, who also lives in Detroit. Both women do amazing ministries in the streets of Detroit with homeless women struggling with drug addiction. I love seeing the interconnection God weaves through each of our lives.

Not exactly sure what the next week looks like for us, but we will be in this area visiting more and meeting new/old friends, so stay tuned! I pray everyone has a great day filled with love, peace and happiness! We miss you all and love you very much!

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  1. Hey Guys! CA sounds great, glad you are taking it all in....wish I was with you! Sorry we keep missing your calls :(. Seeing any cool cars?