Thursday, July 29, 2010

Southern California

Hello from Southern California where the breezes are cool, the temperature is perfect and the water is blue and wonderful!

We got into our RV park yesterday and it might just be the nicest park yet! Really big, lots of trees, green grass for Peanut to run and somewhat empty, therefore, very quiet. We love it.

We got to visit with my dear friend, Dawn, her husband, Frank, and one of their daughters, Julianna last night and shared a Thai meal together at a fabulous spot near their beautiful home! It has been about 10 years since I have seen Dawn and it did my heart good to hug her again. I'm thrilled they got to meet James and that James finally got to meet them after hearing me chatter on about them for years now. We will be joining them in worship on Sunday at Saddleback Church and the back to their place for a BBQ. Can't wait!

Today we hit the road and took Sarai down to the coast and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway...what amazing scenery! We have to admit one thing though...James and I are both water people. As soon as we saw the ocean, we both sighed and breathed deeply the fresh, clean, wonderful cool air of the sea. As much as we loved the mountains (and we do love the mountains), it was profound how our spirits eased at seeing water once again. That says a lot.

On the recommendation of Dawn, we ate at a great spot in Laguna Beach called "Splashes" which boasts an incredible view of the ocean as well as serves up a mighty fine lunch. Then, on yet another recommendation of Dawn, we headed to "Sprinkles," which is a shop that solely makes and sells...CUPCAKES! I was in heaven. And apparently so were a lot of other people as there was a line out the door. The only draw back, $25.00 for 6 cupcakes. But, they were yummy...well, we haven't eaten them all...yet. My favorite so far is the Red Velvet Cupcake. Delicious.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to spending the day in San Diego with one of James' good friends and college buddy, Doug. Saturday we will be attending a wedding, Sunday church and then Monday a trip to Catalina, so more photos will be coming.

Peanut is well, the RV is doing great (now that it isn't baking in 110 degree weather) and the little car seems to be enjoying the winding roads of California. James and I continued to be amazed at the beauty around us and incredibly thankful to be sharing it together...and with all of you via the Blog and Photo Journal. We do miss family and friends very much and look forward to being reunited with you all in the Fall. So much behind much more ahead. God Bless!

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