Monday, July 12, 2010

I think I have found my new home!

We knew Dolores, Colorado was special when we drove through here a couple of years ago, and that is why we decided to come back for at least a week...but I didn't know just how much I would love this place. I think we both feel very much at ease here.

Priest Gulch RV Park is where we are staying and it is by far the best park we have stayed since being on the road. We have a lawn, a fire pit, a picnic table and are right on the Dolores River. We have mountains on both sides towering over us with amazing Blue Spruce Pine Trees reaching for heaven. The sound of the water and the flight of hundreds of humming birds makes it all seem like paradise...and I believe it is!

We are thrilled to have met up with three of our dear friends from Islamorada, Judy and Charlie Rossignol and Michael Sundheim (aka "Sunny") who are also staying at Priest Gulch. I cooked breakfast this morning for us all...sausage, bacon and scrambled eggs over the fire pit in our trusty cast iron skillet. Tonight we will be meeting at Judy and Charlie's for dinner. It is really great seeing them all and catching up! A little taste of home out west!

Today was a very easy day...laundry, resting and a quick drive into Rico so we could use the phones. It is rather nice not having phone or TV...a bit hard to get used to at first, but I am rather enjoying it. Plus, we have the internet so that is just as good. Tomorrow we plan to do Mesa Verde Park and drive into Durango. Again, we might stay here longer than a week...we really love it. The nights are very chilly and the days wonderfully warm. Perfect!

OK...more later. Just wanted to bring everyone up to speed! Have a blessed and wonderful day!!


  1. So glad you guys arrived safe and sound. Give our love and best wishes to Sonny, and the gang. The RV site sounds awesome..a lawn no less, and a water view! I'm sure the Nut is lovin' it..I know Tink sure would! ? Visiting w Mare tomorrow w her friend Carmen. We miss you desperately, but just keep soaking up all of the Glory, and share when you guys get back! Looove you both, and know we have you in our hearts each day! Thanks for the Scrabblering, I love keeping a tab going with you Sweetykins. Mwahhh. XOXO Dee :) PS picked up 4 mangos from your tree, deeliciouso!

  2. Yes, you are right about Colorado. I have never taken the mountains for granted in the 12 years we've lived here! So glad you are loving it! -Lisa