Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day like any other...

Hi from Williams, Arizona! I see Peanut commandeered the Blog yesterday to tell of his excellent adventures...we hope you all enjoyed it.

We leave tomorrow for Indio, California, which is basically in the desert, however, we choose the location for three reasons: 1. Joshua Tree National Park 2. Palm Springs 3. Palm Desert. We will be there for five days before heading to LA, Baby! Actually, Anaheim, California, but who is splitting hairs?

Today was very much like any other weekend day we would have had home. James worked outside on the RV (small leak in the bedroom), and did basic maintenance all around while I cleaned inside the RV. I guess you could say we had a "Honey-Do" day with both of us with things to do. After that, we headed into town (Flagstaff) to hit the Wal-Mart and Camper's World, then back home where I proceeded to make James' favorite homemade Turkey Chili and he was outside working again, this time on Sarai, who has a tear in the rag-top but I believe James worked it out.

Tonight will be Chili and a movie. We bought three new movies at Blockbuster; "The Reader," "Pride and Prejudice," and "Two for the Money." Should be a nice and relaxing evening. We plan on hitting the road early to California, so a good night's rest is in order.

I have received so many glowing compliments on Peanut's writing skills, that I may just let him write more often. The only problem is, what is he going to write about? Sleeping in the RV all day? If that is actually what he is doing?? Hmmmm...

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  1. Sipping Sunday coffee & enjoying your postings & Peanuts pictures. Miss you terribly but glad your're having a blast. Love ya always, Ruth Craig & Teddy