Monday, July 5, 2010


Wow! What a beautiful city! We walked 6th Street looking for a place to eat...passed a couple of Tex-Mex, Mexican and various Pubs until we came across a great looking Thai and Vietnamese restaurant and knew we HAD to eat there and are we glad we did. Amazing food. Out of this world delicious. We laughed because we decided we should change the name of our Blog from "Wrecks on the Way" to "Finding the Country's Best Thai Food" as this was the second Thai restaurant we have eaten in 8 days. What can I say, we love Thai!! I actually had a Vietnamese dish which was a matter of fact, the leftovers are calling my name!

Funny thing happened in New Orleans that I forgot to mention yesterday; I don't know how many of you have heard me say that no matter where we go, we always run into someone James knows, and well, New Orleans was no exception. Walking down N. Peters Road, we come across this family and sure enough, James knows them! I need to start writing all of these fun run-ins down because they do happen A LOT. He knows everyone it seems.

The RV park in Austin is super nice. The first REAL RV park we have stayed in on our trip, meaning, not a State Park and not a gas station. I got the laundry all done and we are comfortably set up and even have a few TV channels. Can't figure out for the life of me how the cable works. Sigh. Little things like this make me crazy, but I will figure it out one way or another. I'm pretty tech-no savvy and James is particularly good at TV/Stereo stuff, so it rubs me the wrong way we can't get it. We won't be defeated! The RV park is about 10 miles from downtown Austin and is very well maintained.

From here on out, all the parks we stay in should be like this one. Learned the hard way not to stay too often in the State/National Parks, even though they offer much more beauty and nature, but lack in a lot of comforts like sewer and level RV slots.

Looking forward to seeing more of Austin tomorrow and a very SPECIAL THANK YOU TO MARILYN ALLEN for the fabulous list of Must See's in Austin! Can't pick the ones we want to do! Love you all and God Bless!!!


  1. I've been wondering why and how you came up with the name "Wrecks on the Way". It makes me think that you plan on passing wrecks. splain lucy.

  2. James and I have always referred to ourselves as "Wrecks on the Way"...two people who have been through many storms but on the Way with our Savior and Lord, Jesus. We think we will keep the name as it so accurately describes us both!