Saturday, July 17, 2010

3 Weeks today!

Well, today marks three weeks since we hit the road. On one hand, that seems like forever ago, yet on the other, I can't believe it has only been three weeks!

We have learned some valuable lessons and have been enriched by "seasoned RVer's" about being on the road; example, plans don't always pan out and things are going to happen with the RV...GUARANTEED!

I was so careful to plan out nearly every day of our trip, but we think we might move into a more relaxed, "go with the flow" mentality. Example, we were suppose to leave this RV park, and Colorado, tomorrow, but we are staying another 5 days. Four of those days will be spent in Carbondale, CO with our very dear friend, Diane! We will leave the RV here (the park has security) because it would be too much to drive it so far up north and then turn around and drive it back south again.

Having our friends from Islamorada here has been a true treat! However, I think I have eating myself SICK...literally. So many wonderful foods, variety of foods (full breakfasts on the grill, clams, lobster, ribs, etc.), has really paid a toll on my stomach. James was a wonderful caretaker last night and watched over me as I was very sick. Feeling much better this morning, but am exhausted.

FOR YOU NON-FACEBOOKERS!!!!! Notice on the top of our Blog you will see a TAB that says, "Photo Journal"...this is where I have posted a lot of our photos from the trip. Please let me know if any of you have any difficulties viewing the page...this is all new to me.

We went to Telluride on Thursday and needless to say, we loved every minute of it. I am running out of creative ways to describe the magnificence of the beauty around here, so suffice to say, it is gorgeous! Friday we drove around with our friends and checked out a museum, furniture store, etc., and then James and I went into Cortez to hit the Walmart...provisions running low.

I will tell ya one is H-O-T "HOT" here in Colorado during the day and downright chilly and cold at night. I kinda like it, but it is so hard to dress for the day into the evening. The skies are so clear and blue...the sun hot and bright...and the breezes cool and refreshing. I do truly love the weather here. Someone told me though that it can get -20 degrees here in the, that is cold!

Our last night will be spent celebrating our dear friend's 70th Birthday by grilling ribs and other goodies (believe me, I will be showing much restraint in food intake) so James and I are really looking forward to that. Laundry is also on the list of activities for today...I hope to get out and hike a bit, but am still a little to weak, but we will see how I feel as the day progresses.

OH, our hiking friends that were lost on the trail are doing GREAT! They are about 6 sites down from us and we stop to chat with them regularly. Valuable lesson learned.

I am sure we will have cell phone service once we hit Carbondale tomorrow late afternoon, early evening, so we will be able to call! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, stay safe...we love you all! God Bless!

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  1. Enjoying your adventures Jenn! I must say... Camp Hyatt is still my first choice ;-).