Monday, July 19, 2010

Friend and Beauty

It is amazing the wonderful blessing of friendships. We have been in Carbondale, Colorado since yesterday afternoon staying with our friend, Diane, and I have to say that I'm loving life!! There are few things sweeter than a friendship that can go years without much communication or contact, yet once in the presence of one another after a long absence, it seems as if a moment hasn't passed since the last time you saw one another...that is how it is with Diane.

Her hospitality and generosity are only matched by her beauty inside and out! The woman is amazing and has showered us with love and care since we arrived here! James and I are both thankful to her for all that she has done for us! WE LOVE YOU, DIANE!

You have all read about my love of Colorado, well it is only magnified 100 times being in Carbondale, which is 30 miles northwest of Aspen. The people, the landscape, the food...all amazing and gorgeous! This is my favorite place so far. Tonight while watching the local news (James and I haven't seen the news in over three weeks), the sports came on and I suddenly announced to James, "Another reason we need to move here...TIM TEBOW PLAYS FOR THE BRONCOS!" He just laughed, but I am dead serious!

We have enjoyed being in a real house, not to mention a REAL NICE house, but I do have to admit, I miss the RV a little. It has become our home on wheels and we all grow attached to our homes, however, having said that, I truly enjoyed being a normal size shower and walking more than 5 steps to get from the bedroom, to the kitchen, to the living room! We plan on staying until Wednesday and look forward to Aspen tomorrow and a free classical music concert in town! Life doesn't get too much better than this!

Diane has a wonderful dog, Dibo, who is part German Shepard and part Boxer and he weighs over 100lbs and quite frankly, is afraid of Peanut! They get "along" great though...meaning, the leave one another alone for the most part. We left them alone in the house today twice and upon return, they were no worse for wear! I think Peanut actually likes Dibo, but will never admit it.

It is very relaxing and incredibly peaceful here...I am finding the mountains to be great providers of stability, strength, peace and an overall feeling of happiness. I really love it out here, as does James. We look forward to seeing all of the other areas in this country that we have heard provide the same sense of AWE and amazement. We continue to realize how blessed we are to be on this journey.

Remember the "Photo Journal" Tab and I have added a new page, "Library 3" to the web site with recent photos of Carbondale and Diane! We love and miss you all very much and lift you all up in prayer! God Bless!


  1. Hi Guys,
    We have had such a busy week/weekend that I just got a chance to catch up on the blogs! Totally agree about Colorado. I saw a segment that said Coloradoans are the most fit people in the nation! No doubt with all of the gorgeous parks, trails, and outdoor activities. I'm glad you two are taking it all in! You would not believe how Jess' little Jayda Tater has grown. We were at the gym and I was amazed at how "pregnant" Jess is, but still rocking the eliptical. Happy and Sassy, she says. Hope she makes it the last 2 months +. LOL. We will be back in the Keys to celebrate Keith's B-day Tuesday, and enjoy the water while we can. Are you sure it's only been 3 weeks since you left. It seems like a life time! Do you really have 13 weeks left Haha. Enjoy every minute and keep on posting. Oh, Mike and I are going to upstate NY to look at property on Cayuga Lake, wine country. It is incredible from his information source. I'll let you know how it goes. Love you and Miss you all. Dee <3