Friday, July 2, 2010

Rain, rain. And a change of plans.

Hello from the road! We are in Chipley, Florida in Falling Waters State Park. It is a beautiful park full of pine trees and up about 350 feet above sea level; for us Floridians, that is nearly a mountain!! Unfortunately, it has been raining since our arrival yesterday afternoon. Regardless of rain, we do plan on hiking to Florida's tallest waterfall today.

James and I are still pleasantly surprised at how well we both sleep in the RV. It is amazingly comfortable and each morning we feel better and better. Could be the bed...could be the fact that we are finally on the road and the stress is slowly leaving our bodies. Either way, we are very thankful!

We did make a minor change in our plans. We were going to spend three nights in New Orleans and then make a beeline across the state of Texas to get to Santa Fe, NM, however, we are now staying just two nights in the Big Easy and then driving to Austin, Texas for two nights. Neither of us have been there and we have heard amazing things about Austin, so off we go! That's what's great about not having such a set schedule. If any of our readers know the Austin area, please give us some ideas!!

After that, we will beeline through Pecos, Texas and probably grab a hotel for the night; we are both ready for a bath. Yes, we are showering, but a nice bath would be great! After that, onto Santa Fe and, hopefully, cooler temps and clearer skies.

We have made a promise to one another to start EATING HEALTHY! Being on the road is such a temptation to eat out (Pizza Hut last night), and that just won't cut it. So, off to the store today to get fruits, veggies and other healthy snacks for the day so that when dinner time comes, we aren't so hungry we just find the closest restaurant to eat in! The only challenge is having a somewhat small fridge and freezer, so we are a bit limited in the food we can take, but I am determined to find a way! GOODBYE fast food, and Hello healthy eating! Prayers would be appreciated.

My Mom and StepDad take off today for Puerto Rico, their annual vacation, and we wish them safe travels and a good time. Puerto Rico is a very beautiful place and we know they will have a great time! Have a blessed day, everyone! We love you all.

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