Saturday, July 10, 2010

Two Days in Santa Fe

Our last night in Santa Fe...bittersweet. We have had such an amazing time here, but we are both looking forward to getting to Dolores, Colorado tomorrow.

Yesterday, we started out the day in downtown Santa Fe browsing the shops and galleries and grabbing a bite to eat (of course). I really love downtown...the architecture, the flowers, the is all amazing, not to mention the weather! After a couple of hours there, we headed back to the RV park and hiked the trail that they have around the park; it is about a mile long and very nice. The smells from the pine trees are almost intoxicating. After that, a trip to the grocery store to buy some much needed staples and then off we went on what we thought would be a 2 hour trip to Jamez Mountains (we thought that because we were told that), however, it turned into a FOUR hour trip, but we would do it again. As a matter of fact, had we known it was that long, we would have done that first so we could hike a bit, instead of waiting to the end of the day and not be able to enjoy it as much. It made for a long day, but beautiful and spectacular all the same. When we finally got home, we cooked steak out on the electric grill (it turned out very good) and just relaxed...oh...well, we did watch SOME of the movie "RV" with Robin Williams because tons of people told us we should. We watched some of it...lets just leave it at that.

Today, we were up and at 'em early because we planned on taking the High Road to Taos and beyond. I got a little creative with my photography and had a blast taking pictures the entire time! Those of you NOT on Facebook really need to get on Facebook so you can see the photos!! I will work on posting them elsewhere, but for now, that is the only place I have posted them. There isn't too much I can say about today's trip because words just can't come close to describing the landscape. Carson National Forest is God's playground, I must say. I won't even try to use adjectives, but will let the photos speak for themselves. We really had an amazing time and our favorite parts were Red River and Eagle's Nest...breathtaking views and stomach turning curves! Lets just say we almost crashed Sarai (the Miata) today as James tried to pull off on one of the pull outs at a very high speed, onto gravel, with pot holes...sliding was involved and all I could say was "Bubby, Bubby, Bubby, Bubby..." We laughed once we got the car stopped and realized we were OK...I think our Guardian Angel went for a drink after that one!

We ended the evening at our favorite place, Cabo de Oro, for dinner. This time James has the 12 Hour Pot Roast and I had the Lasagna...yummmmmy. No dessert, as we have ice cream sandwiches in the freezer. Opps...did I say that? :o)

Another 6 hour drive awaits us tomorrow up to Dolores, so we need to get a good nights sleep and try to be on the road by 9:00am. We MAY change our plans slightly and stay there a bit longer than an week. We have discovered that staying longer at fewer places, rather than stayer shorter lengths of time and more places, is not really what we had in mind; too much stress, driving, setting up, breaking down, etc. So, we have to reevaluate our calendar and decide which places we can skip so we can spend longer amounts of time at the places we really want relax in to hike, do more site seeing, etc.

By the way, we are having a BLAST. God is so gracious and good to us. We realize this is such an incredible blessing and thank Him each day for His provisions. Abram is holding up very well, apart from a few very minor hiccups, and Sarai is a trooper and a BALL to drive around the mountains with the top down!! She is having one small problem we need to have looked at in Colorado, but hopefully it will be an easy fix. Peanut is also doing very well. He isn't much up for going out and about with us though as I hoped he would be. He is an old dog of habit and likes very much to hang out "at home" and greet us with happy kisses and leaps when we come back from our adventures.

Today is Bahama's Independence Day, so in honor of my husband and his family, "HAPPY 10th OF JULY!" God bless you all!! With Love - J-Cubed and Peanut!

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