Monday, July 5, 2010

Texas bound!

Good Monday Morning! I trust everyone had a blessed and safe 4th of July! We are currently on I-10 heading west and will spend two nights in Austin, Texas. We have about a 5 hour drive ahead of us today.

Honestly, we couldn't stay in the New Orleans area any longer. The park was beautiful, but the RV sites were not the greatest and after one bad night of sleep due to the horrible slant of the RV, James and I decided to head out TWO days early.

We did enjoy a lovely brunch and a bit of jazz music in New Orleans. We also walked around a lot and dodged rain drops here and there. Parts of it were amazing and beautiful, other parts, not so much.

So, we decided to hit the road around 2:00pm and drive until we...or I should say, James, got tired of driving, which was about 36 miles from the Texas border. So, I grabbed my Droid Phone (I truly love this thing) and Goggled RV parks near Lake Charles, LA and called one called Jean Lafeat RV Park. When I asked how much it was for a one night, the sweet lady on the other end replied, "$100.00." "$100.00 for one night," I asked? And she said, "Yes." Well, there is no way we are paying $100.00 for one night! I thanked her and went on my business of calling other parks. She called back...she was a bit confused before and quoted us the WEEKLY rate. The nightly rate was only $25.00. SOLD! However, we drove right by it the first time because it just didn't seem right that an RV park would be in the parking lot of a gas station, but it was.

Actually, it was one of the nicest spots we have stayed in since our trip began, simply because they has a sewer system! I didn't realize how important this component was until we didn't have it for over a week. Simply put, we don't have to worry about our tanks "filling" up because with the gray/sewer, you just hook up the hose and everything goes directly into their sewer, which is underground. Sweet! So, we hooked up, set up and I cooked dinner. Brats and beans...which were mighty tasty!

Afterward, we watched a bit of "To Catch a Thief" and then lights out. Slept incredibly well and woke up to hit the road again! The first thing I plan on doing when we get to Austin is LOADS OF LAUNDRY...sigh...and then calling a local Beauty Salon to get my hair cut! I look like I'm sporting a Mullet and that simply is not acceptable. I will also try to get Grizzly Adams, um, I mean James, in for a shave. He is looking like quite the Wild Man...I kinda like it, but it is driving him crazy!

We have received tons of info on spots to see in Austin! I'm very excited and can't wait to relax there a bit. Just a few more days until we reach Dolores, Colorado where we will spend 8 days! I don't know what it will be like staying put in one place for so long. I think I will love it.

Wishing everyone a blessed and wonderful day! We love you all!


  1. Can't wait to hear about Austin and all the places you visit! Take lots of pics for me please!

  2. Brats & beans? I know beans are a veggie, but it's not what we all imagined when you declared a "healthy food diet". Also, none of us relish the thought of spending time in a small space.....with James after brats & beans!!!!

  3. Actually, it isn't James you should be worried's ME!!! Hahahaha!! Sorry, but we will never, ever give up Brats...just too dang tasty!