Sunday, July 25, 2010

Indio...what was I thinking?

Actually, it is a very pretty area and close to Palm Desert and Palm Springs, but right now at 5:30 in the evening, the temperature inside the RV is reading 95 degrees...outside at the pool (our only saving grace) it was 110 degrees. But, interestingly, the water was cool and when the breeze hits us wet, it is a bit chilly, but then the water quickly evaporates and you are hot again.

Peanut is even hot. Laying his belly on the tile, just looking at me like he saying, "OK...I have had enough, put the AC on already!" I am hopeful as with any desert it will cool off considerably once the sun goes down...that is my hope. We were planning on staying here for 5 days, but we may cut that short and head into LA, where I trust it is a bit cooler than smack dab in the middle of the Mohave Desert, but we will make the determination after a full night and full day here.

The RV park is lovely!! Private, gated, need a code to get in, very well maintained, concrete sites, great pool...if only it were winter! Ha! The RV Host, Carol, said she used to live in Florida and Florida is NOT hot. We laughed. She is right. I know I sound like I'm complaining, but it is more just a fascination with the heat...I'm used to hot AND humid, not being thrown inside an oven left to bake. That is what it feels like. It is hot. No sweating. No humidity. Just blazing heat.

The drive here was really amazing. We detoured from our original GPS directions and headed down to Lake Havasu City and through some really interesting areas that had this beautiful lake and great little towns along it. Very pretty. We were glad we did it, but it added about 45 minutes to the trip.

Will write again to give an update on our status and the weather! Hope everyone is enjoying a very blessed and wonderful Sunday! God Bless!

UPDATE: Off to WalMart we went...bought some heavy duty, black felt, some velco and blacked out all the windows and ceiling vents/fans...MUCH BETTER! No heat is getting in this RV. We will see how well it does tomorrow. It is 8:30pm and the outside temp is still 90 degrees, but with the full moon and the mountains, it is lovely. Off to watch a little TV and rest! Good night all!

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  1. I was wondering my friend. It is HOT. today might be a little cooler as it is downright chilly in Orange County - not even hitting 70 degrees.