Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It is the little things in life that make me so happy, especially if it involves food! This morning I used our stove for the first time and made bacon and egg sandwiches! They were delicious. I am so thrilled to have the same comforts of home in our traveling RV. Everything worked perfectly and now I know I can cook more and more! Yeah!

We had dinner last night at Bonefish Grille in Longwood, Florida with our dear friends, Gary and Kay. What a wonderful night we had. It is such a blessing to share time, food and fellowship with them. We hope to hook up with them again in Maine!

We were busy this morning with taking Abram over to the dump station (the park doesn't have sewer lines at the individual sites...a fact we didn't know until we got here), so after three days of water usage, our tanks were full. It was relatively easy and we completed the entire process in under 30 minutes; that includes unplugging Abram, driving over to the station, dumping, bringing Abram back and hooking back up. Piece of cake really.

Today will be a relaxing day of canoeing and hiking. Honestly, it is just too darn hot in the middle of Florida during the summer to do too much more than that. James and I are looking forward to being at higher altitudes next week in Santa Fe and Colorado...that is where we will do a lot of hiking!

Apart from the Golden Orb Spiders (yuk!!), we don't have any visitors around; the park is pretty empty and quiet. Tonight we plan on cooking steak over the fire pit in our cast iron skillet! Yummmmmy! I can't wait! Maybe enjoy a glass of red wine and enjoy our last evening at Lake Griffin State Park!

Prayers today for my niece, Brooke, who underwent surgery this morning. We pray she has a speedy recovery and doesn't experience a lot of pain! God Bless you all!!


  1. What in the world is a Golden Orb Spider? It sounds awful and creepy and something I would not want to be around....Love reading your blog and sharing all your experiences (except for the spiders) ugh! I will talk to you later. Love to James and Peanut.........Mom

  2. Breakfast sounded so good! Proud of you :) Love the RV name, too <3. Missed you yesterday, Mare and I had a three hour lunch with Tink at the Outback Beach. Tinky loved the grassy area. Of course you know the gorgeous views. Hiking is going to be awesome next week, I wish I could be there. Love you, Dee

  3. Enjoying it all Jenn! Not really loving the golden orb spider? Ick. :) See you soon!!! xoxoxoox

  4. No doubt ~ getting through Florida is going to be the hardest part. Hope Brookie is doing well. xo