Friday, June 25, 2010

The Lord gives...and He takes away.

A couple of posts ago I was excited to announce that we had found a renter for the house we rent while we are on the road...and what a relief it was that we didn't have to pack every piece of furniture and move to storage; however, today, about 12 hours before we were meant to hit the road, we were informed that the renters are NOT renting after all.

So a mad dash to secure storage, moving truck, movers and packing ensued for what seemed like forever, but six hours later, we are looking pretty good. We know this is from God's hand; James and I both had uneasy feelings about the entire situation, but didn't want to listen! God, in His sovereign and wonderful ways, made us listen to our guts ("God lives in your gut...listen to your gut," a quote from my Grandma).

We are working hard to stay on schedule and hit the road tomorrow, with our first stop in Ft. Lauderdale...please pray that God provides us calm spirits and complete faith that it will all get His time.

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  1. Just having a moment to catch up and read all this Jen - wow- you have had a time of it.I see from your facebook that you are still on the road though. Wonderful. Looking forward to your updates along way!