Monday, June 28, 2010

It is rather comical...

I sat down this evening to give our update for the day, however, just as I did, the power went out. We reset the outdoor breakers, power back on...we were all happy, then a few moments later, no power. So, now I'm sitting inside our dark, and getting warmer, RV, waiting for someone to come and explain what the problem is. We will probably have to move to another location, which is somewhat a pain in the butt, but I would rather do that than sweat all night!

I will write until I have to stop. We are in Lake Griffin State is very charming and small. Big beautiful Oak trees with Spanish Moss hanging down and a lovely canal heading out to Lake Griffin. We set up in record time and even have the awning out with our Zero Gravity chairs in front of the fire pit. It has been nothing but relaxing...that is until the power thing.

We will drive to Mount Dora tomorrow to walk around, grab a bite and window shop. For those who live in Florida, Mount Dora is worth the drive, no matter where you live. It is such a beautiful little town and right on a lake. It is dog friendly so Peanut will be joining us. A Peanut update...he feels right at home. Running around and playing with Louie like nothing has happened!

Well, I think I hear James and the maintenance guy outside, so I'm going to go find out what is going on. RVin' sure has it's challenges!! God Bless!

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  1. Well that is not good. I hope you got the problem fixed. Love the pictures of your camp site. James looks very relaxed. Not much new here, just trying to get things done before we leave. Have a chiro. apt. this morning, then tomorrow morning I take Abbie in for her grooming. Thursday is packing day and then we are off....Have a Blessed day and I will talk to you later...........Love, Mom