Sunday, June 27, 2010

First night...first morning.

After taking Peanut out for his walk at 6:45 this morning, James asks, "We are in Redneckville, aren't we?" "Yep," I replied. Now before anyone gets offended, I recite the words of our great Redneck Leader, Jeff Foxworthy, "You aren't allowed to make fun of rednecks unless you are one...well, I are one!" And we IS in Redneckville. I feel strangely at home. Hahahahaha!

The last 36 hours were tough, but we managed to get the house packed, loaded into the truck, delivered to our storage, clean the house and load up the RV without too much incident or damage, unless you count the aching backs, painful knees and pounding headache! Then we hit the road officially at 7:00pm making our way to our first stop, Kozy Kamper RV Park in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We made it here around 9:30pm and had to go hunting for our spot and then back Abram (oh, that's the name of our RV), into what seemed to be a way too narrow spot, over huge tree roots, without a lot of light. BUT WE DID IT! We are at a slight angle, but hey, we don't care, we just wanted to rest and relax.

We are now sitting inside enjoying our coffee and watching Peanut as he nervously walks around trying to figure out what in the world we have done to him! Poor guy didn't sleep at all yesterday and I believe he did not move last night and slept better than James and I. Oh, to be a dog.

We head out tomorrow after a night of visiting with family at James' brother's house, Charles, as he hosts a little going away BBQ for us! So, stay tuned for more...


  1. I am so glad that you made it there safely and that you got some well deserved rest. I am sure it will take awhile to get used too but by the end of your adventure you will be real pros at it. Poor Peanut. I bet he is confused and not quite sure where he is or what is going on. We will see you later tonight.........Love ya, Mom and Ted

  2. Glad you got off okay! So happy that your adventure has begun!

  3. Hey J, J, & P,
    Sounds like now you can begin to take a deep breath and relax after what sounds like what might have been a little scary experience at the KK. Hope the Monkey Butt soon gets used to his new surroundings and learns to love it. Enjoy your going away party! Thinking of you always~~ xo

  4. Sounds Great so far ! I love you ! Give Momma a kiss and Hug for me ! xoxo